You know something in your business is not working like you want it to but aren’t exactly sure what to do to solve it…


You Don’t Have Any Time for Yourself…

Take Back Your Time - Stop working in your business and start working on your business!

You’re Always Fighting Fires…

Permanently solve the problems holding you back and end the hassles that keep you from doing what you love to do!

Low Sales, Tight Cash, and Increasing Costs Are an Ongoing Problem…

Enjoy a future that just keeps getting better and brighter!

You Worry - Will I Retire With Enough Money…

Your Business is Your Life’s Work, Make it Pay Off Handsomely Starting Today and Even More When You Sell It!

All Businesses Have Issues - What Do You Face?


You Need Time for Yourself and Your Family. Working all the time isn’t healthy.

Solution? Begin with a business plan with a vision, values, goals, strategies with measurable results.

Train your executives and managers to become highly effective, respected leaders that solve problems on their own and can run the business without you involved day to day.


You have a lot of turnover, productivity is not where it should be, customers complain, and no one seems to take responsibility for anything… the list goes on - and it’s hurting profits and your sanity.

Solution? Excellent Leaders.  Good managers and leaders are made, not born.  Take the shortcut to high performance teams: Train your executives, managers, and supervisors to be highly effective and respected.


Anemic sales, low profit margins, cash flow problems, or losing deals to competitors is a formula for worry today and a danger to your retirement tomorrow.

Solution? Maximize your advantages against competitors, increase margins, eliminate soul-sucking customers, maximize productivity and efficiency, upskill your sales team and sales management, and make sure your marketing program is producing quality leads.


80% of the owners who try to sell their company will not be able to.  It’s sad, they have a business that buyers don’t want. Or, if they do sell, they only get a fraction of what it could have been worth.

Solution. Be among the 20% that have buyers standing in line to buy. Begin with a plan that identifies where you are now, what improvements must be made where, and in what priority.

Get Help.  Every Minute You Wait to Fix Problems is That Much Longer You and Your Family Will Have to Wait to Enjoy The Benefits of Being a Business Owner!

Achieve Your Vision of What Your Company Can Be

Imagine a more predictable future where you have built your business around your greatest strengths, not your weaknesses. One where you are growing faster and more profitably, winning awards as a great company because you have earned the trust and respect of your team as well as customers.

Clients Who Have Experienced Fast Growth and Change Through Our Process

Law Office of C.K.A.

140% increase in revenue
in 11 months

The client was experiencing conflict in the workplace between the members of the team.

After 11 months of working together, the business’s revenue increased by 140%. The team has grown from 2 to 6 employees in 18 months, all have participated in both behavioral and talent assessments, as well as business training programs.

Marketing Agency

4X revenue increase
in 4 years

The company was in start-up mode and was the brainchild of two young college grads who had no clue how to set up and run a business.

After four years of working with the company, it has grown in revenue from $200k to $1.8M. They’ve grown from a two-man operation to six employees and a full-time salesperson, allowing the owners to focus on running the business they love.

HVAC Company

Broke $1 million in sales for first time ever

They were in a period of transition in the business from father to daughter, were finding it hard to compete with larger competitors, and had stagnant revenue.

The business grew consistently, breaking the $1,000,000 mark in year one, and reaching $1.2 million by the end of our engagement. “We’ve made more progress in the few months we’ve worked together than we did in the previous two years!”


2x sales, increase profit, and
improved company culture

The company was struggling to increase sales and motivate and grow its leadership team.

After 11 months of working together, the business’ revenue increased by 140%.

We got off to a great start in our first meeting by immediately adding $288,000 to their bottom line while remaining fully competitive by discontinuing free shipping. Simultaneously, we uncovered what their real goals were and developed the business plan to achieve them.

Freight Logistics

From $200k to over 7 figures in investments in under 6 months

The owner, a seasoned industry professional needed investors to survive but he lacked the tools to structure and present his business in a cogent manner.

After clarifying his business’s purpose, validating market needs, identifying key staff, developing initial customers, and creating a plan for growth, he was actively recruited by outside investors and accrued a 7 figure bank balance within 6 months. The business continues to grow and raise additional funding.

Commercial Construction

Turned a profit for the first time after 15 years

For 15 years, the owner barely broken even and never reached his goal of $1 million in sales. While he got close, he just could not quite make it.
After working with the owner to find the underlying cause of the failure, it became apparent a new pricing and bid strategy was needed. Working together, a new pricing approach was implemented which increased the number of bids won and raised the sales to almost $1.3 million, a 30% increase.

Georgia Stone Yard

Turnaround and sale of company at a profit

A few short months after buying a multi-million dollar natural and manufactured stone yard wholesaler, the husband and leader of the company was killed by a drunk driver.

His widow was faced with trying to deal with her grief, key employees who hated each other and deal with trying to save their life’s investment in the business - in the middle of the 2010 Real Estate Meltdown.

We developed a unique marketing position for the company, helped support and develop management skills of the wife, created a new website and messaging, solved the employee problems, and promoted the remaining key employee to general manager  quickly making the business profitable.

After 24 months the business was sold at a profit, allowing the wife to move ahead with her life.

Plastics Manufacturer
in Georgia

Revenue $25M now $450M
in 4 Years

An employee survey revealed that the company had communication issues between management levels. Top performing individuals had been promoted into front-line managerial positions for which they had no training.

360 leadership surveys were issued for the executive levels and all managers participated in a six-month leadership principles course.

A follow-up survey revealed communication issues had improved by over 50% compared to the previous survey.

This ongoing engagement is now in its 4th year.

Specialized Medical Practice
in Jacksonville, FL

Revenue $7.5M - now $10.5M
32 employees - now 52

Private practice with two offices was experiencing high turnover in customer service and medical assistant positions.

Behavioral assessments were conducted, and all employees attended a communications workshop led by the business coach. In addition, the Department Heads were taken through a six-month leadership principles course.

Hiring better candidates who fit the culture of the practice has improved retention, and now the practice has expanded into a new market, adding 17 new staff members.  A custom client assessment was developed, implemented and is currently used with all patients. Revenue is up 32% and growing in this ongoing 2 year plus engagement.

Family Financial Services
Company in Florida

6 Month Engagement Improved
Employee Engagement & Productivity

The firm was experiencing morale and budget issues and the newer employees felt disenfranchised.

A two-day strategy session was conducted where the company revisited its mission, vision and values as well as budget projections for client support, marketing and ad hoc services.

By having all employees participate in the planning session there was unanimous support for the business plan and the newer employees felt actively engaged in the business.

Problems Are to be Solved - Not Fought!

“What’s in the way, is the way.”- Anonymous

Solve the problems in your business faster and with greater certainty with a certified business consultant, advisor, and executive coach

Business owners can find themselves wrestling with multiple problems and roadblocks that are easily solvable. We know how it is… you’re busy with the day-to-day operations of your business, and it’s hard to see the big picture or see the details differently!

Sometimes all it takes is to bring in an outsider for a fresh perspective to help you see where your business can improve and be more effective, or where it just needs a few tweaks.

A good business coach is an advisor who helps you successfully manage and grow your business. They can help you find the right direction or offer support in leadership, management and planning.

They focus on helping you create solutions to challenges, as well as on creating new goals, “letting go” and automating parts of your business so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

Ready to Turn Problems Into Profits?
It’s simple. Really.

Make an Appointment

During our first call where we’ll explore your needs,objectives and desired outcome.

Next, we’ll get to know each other better so we both know there is a good fit.

Identify What You Need

Once we begin working together, our next step will be to understand your situation and areas where we need to focus.

You’ll get a custom plan we’ll create together.  Then we’ll begin the actual work of developing solutions so you reach your desired outcome.

Do What You Love

The changes you’ll see in your business and personal life will give you a new burst of energy and drive to achieve even more.

Problems you had will have vanished and you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love with time for family and fun.


We have programs and solutions for any size company from small businesses to billion-dollar corporations.

Of course, rates will vary based on the scope of the engagement and the time involved, the programs, services, assessment tools and training programs that are used. Whatever your investment, it will continue to pay dividends compounded year after year.

As a coach, we are business owners and understand others business owners’ or executives’ challenges and opportunities.


Our Promise to You

  • There’s never pressure to buy
  • Every client receives a customized plan and program
  • A contract is seldom required and you can cancel at any time
  • Our goal is to work with you for years