You are probably thinking hard to understand things you see working in the world around you.

Ever wondered

What it takes to have a business of your own?  You know.  One where you are the boss.

You make the decisions so you can make some money and make a better life for yourself.

Well, you have heard about how some people do it.

Probably even bought something there, where the lady helped you find it.

Then the man took your money and gave you a receipt.

While their kids talked in the corner.  At least they looked like their kids.

You probably have been in several Family Businesses already

Because they are everywhere.

And you are thinking: what do I have to do to create my own business?

But how hard might it be?  Never thought about it before.

Guess you ought to ask someone who has a family business what they had to do.

You have the right idea.

Find something interesting, then learn about what it takes to make it come true.

That is exactly what family businesses go through to become one:

Find something people will need and want

Then find out all they can about it

Take their time because they do not want to make a mistake and have to start all over again.

Now comes a question for you: what kind of money will it take to make money for you?

And ask yourself:  Should I do this by myself or should I find someone else to join me?

Two important questions

Because money does not grow on trees.

And who will you ask to help you when you do not know how to solve an important problem.

It is not just the fact that you need information.  You also need someone to bounce off ideas.

What is the real answer here?  If that does not work what else can you do?

Doing all of this yourself makes no sense.

What if you have two people who want something at the same time?

What will you do to get help?

Do you have an answer yet what it takes to make a family business?

One person gets a good idea and takes the time to prove to themselves it IS a good idea.

And where do they find the other person when there is a question, or some help is needed?

And what about getting the money?

The quickest answers come from families

For all these situations: problems, who can help, who has the money to make it work.

The family is the answer.

Remember, you wondered at the beginning of this article: What about?  What does it take?  Find help? And Money?  Wonder is a necessary starting place.  The family is often the answer.

One more thing.

When a problem does come up where the answer is difficult to find even in the family.

Remember all the things you worked through to find all the answers to get started.

Then work through them again, step by step, so you can find the keys to the answer

So, you can fix it

Or someone can help you if you and your family partner cannot solve it.

Welcome to the world of The (Family) Business Clinic.