We are talking here about skills you need to employ as a leader.  The first one is

Ask a lot of questions

Especially of yourself: Is there a better way to do the business?  Will combining two things go faster?

And of the family: what must they do in order to get what they need (remember their age differences)

Naturally, you are not going to do everything perfectly when you start leading.  But perfect practice

Makes more perfect doing.  And no practice lets nothing get done.  Learned that yet?

So, how do you get answers to your first two questions above?

Ask people who have done it

And show they know the answers

And keep asking questions without worrying if you are a nuisance and appear dumb.

You will not stop asking questions because you will make it a habit that will feel good.

Ask What and Why questions

If you do not ask the why then the what has little meaning.  The why directs the doer’s behavior

Better than the what.  Make sure you train your family to do the same: Ask LOTs of questions

Of everyone.  They may get tired of your questions, but you will not get tired of their answers.

Experiment with yourself

Try things different ways to articlesee which way is the best: faster to your chosen goal. Then ask

If your family can do it too.

Do not tell them they have to do it your way.  That is not a question.  Questions get more done

Than directions do because you need to come across as a seeker rather than a know it all boss.

And which family needs a BOSS?  None.  They need a father and a leader who has a lot of


Instead of giving a lot of orders.  We are not an army.  We are a family and we question together.

Because that is more fun and laughing keeps our spirits up, so we are not afraid of the outside world.

We lead the world

With our products and our customers who also know how to ask us questions. So, we answer them

With what we have discovered by asking our questions and doing our homework and leading our

Community to ask a lot of questions too

So, they will remember your family business is an asset to your community because you find answers.

Think that is a tall order for yourself?

Try doing nothing and see where that gets you.  Remember, you are a scientist who tries little

Differences until you find out what makes the Big difference.  Then you do that because it works

In a lot of places so it is worth repeating and you go to bed tired from all your successful research.

You get up in a new world

That you feel good to be in because things work better for you and your family and your business

And your community.  You have had some laughs along the way, too.  And what a difference they make

In a world that needs successful change to better relationships in a better life that your family company

Helped create.

Where does this wonderful new world come from?  Finding answers that you and your family business

Found that others did not ask.

Thanks, we needed that!