Remember a century ago when most farms and businesses were run by families? 

That meant almost every business was a family business.

Including the doctor who lived in the community and knew every family he served

And the health history of every member of every family in his community.

That is not the situation today

But the main difference

Between family businesses and non-family business is still present but not in medicine

Because doctors do not travel by carriage now, they are all in offices or work in hospitals.

Unless they are a family doctor, they do not know the people who need them as a family does.

The family business is still a family even if they are not on the farm.  They work together.

And it is the family that makes the difference because they know and care for each other.

Businesses today do not care for their employees

The way families did

And still do.

Businesses today care for the investors.  And they have to make at least a minimal return

To keep the investors happy.  No family values here.  Not now.  Do not bother to look for them.

Do your job and do it well but if you make good friends of someone in this business,

Do not expect to work there long.

Fat chance.

It may happen that you find a friend in the business, but you have to keep it secret.

Friendships build coalitions.

And the boss does not want anyone to say something to you except what he is telling you.

He leads.  Discussions take time and a business only has time to do things the boss’s way. 

Family businesses build coalitions inside their family, but the coalition is still in the family.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something else.  Having friends is not a crime there.

The family will talk things over, and you will still be a member of the family.  In families

We have two members who are responsible to make the decisions with the family.

Besides, the family needs every idea to be alive, to focus together to make our way

Present and future.

Of course, money is important because our family can only survive if we are profitable.  

But money is not the only or the most important value that our business works for.

We also work for the values of working and living together now and for the rest of our lives.

Family history is important

Because we may have several generations

In the business

And it is their experience that often guides us.  They are our board, not of directors

But the board of our family.  And we expect to be in business as a family for a long time.

If you work for us as a non-family member, we want you to share our values and become

A part of who we are and how we do business.

Please be sharing, aware of personal differences and learn with us how we have learned to

Accept our differences and go on as a family in feeling and action to achieve together.  We

Know each needs to be a happy and viable part of reaching our common and individual good.