The skills are asking questions, decision making, and bringing family along with the decisions.

Asking questions

in and outside the family

How does anyone get enough information to inform their decisions?  A lot of questions to

Everyone about everything that is important now and in the future.  Never stop asking them.

Never worry that people think you are too inquisitive.  You can never be inquisitive enough.

You and the other person in the family who works with you to make decisions, share this task.

Share the answers you get and examine the differences you get to the same questions.

Sharing those questions should lead to more questions.  Share who gave the answers too.

Share your individual thoughts

About the answers.

Do they lead you anywhere?

That is important for your business?

You are not to decision making yet.  Stop sharing; think independently.  Ask more questions.

Are directions suggesting themselves from the answers?  Ask questions about those directions.

You should get some whys to guide the whats you might do.  If not, ask more about whys.

What have others experienced with some of their whats and whys?  Did they really work?

Time to do some tests 

What if we try these whats?

Try one to see the results?  Do we need to try another what to compare and choose the better?

What are the cost differences of one vs. another?  Which is easier?  Which one do we want?

Now comes the decision stage

But do not make it alone.  Asking your family if they go along with the decision is how you

Bring the rest of the family along with you.  If there are several points of view have a meeting.

Ask another member of the family to present the direction you have chosen to go.

That lets the family know that as their leader you really want everyone to be involved here.

You are not playing games.  You are testing each family member for their view of the direction

They want to take.

Ask every member to state their choice and why.  Resolve any difference as best you can.

If someone does not want the choice of most of the family, ask if they will cooperate with

The others, being the one(s) who look(s) critically at what they do to make the best choice

Work through to its desired conclusion.

That way they are not left out of the effort but become a valued part of making this what work.

Perhaps they will have suggestions to improve the total group effort.  Or even pitch in to help

Ensure that it does work.  Allowing the doubters to add to the effort can make the project

A real success

Do not worry that they will sabotage the project.  They are a member of the family too, where

Everyone profits from the family’s success

Even the doubter(s)

And the children who only watch

And learn how their family works well together.