Answer: when the family is not the center of the business.  This is the simple answer.  Want more?

When money is the only reason for the business to exist.  Or, when there are so many non-family

Working in the business that the family is eclipsed by their numbers.  Or when the family members

Forget who is and who is not family.  Or when non-family own so much of the business that family

Members cannot outvote them to determine the direction of the business.  These are all valid but

None of them speak to the real issue

Of the family not being the center of the business.  That means the family has lost the feeling of having

Everyone in the business be so important that the family is not the real reason the business exists.

In a family business

Each individual is valued.

If they are not present, or not functioning well

There is a reason which needs to be known

And changed for the better.

The family will work to ensure every individual functions well, wants to contribute to the family and is

Intending to remain a part of the family doing what the family wants and needs.  No ifs or maybes,

On anyone’s part.  In a family business, if either party wants to change that assurance, both parties

Promise they will give the other party ample time to discuss the reason for the change.

If it is agreed that the change be made both parties will see that the change is made in an orderly

Fashion agreeable to the other.  No secrets no lies so a connection to that person can always be kept.

That way if either party wants to undo the change it can be done so both will benefit.

In a family business both the individual

And the family are considered the center of

The business and the family.

That relationship exists both ways and it is in this fashion that the family and the business are seen to

Exist and prosper together.  This relationship does not exist by accident.  It has been seen over time to

Be the manner in which families and a business are able to prosper a world that is always

Changing and in a fashion that destroys the individual and the family when they exist separately.

That is somewhat different today

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that the individual and the business could exist without a

Close relationship with the family?

The answer lies in the money necessary to begin a business that Is not centered in the family but is

Larger than any family could, by itself, arrange.  Economies of scale in amassing large amounts of money

From numbers of families to service larger numbers of people tipped the scale to exclude the one

Family business.  Cities grew larger than the farms and the families that fed them.  And the closeness of

The city allowed people to meet and plan the larger than previously possible, family businesses.

We are fortunate to have

The number of family business we

Do have that allow us

To still live more secure lives.