Most all workplace technology solutions require some R&D, and all of it will require training for personnel in the areas of operations, IT, and front/back office.  Savvy companies who work with their tax accountants and tax credit consultants on a regular basis are taking advantage of both state and federal incentives to keep more of their own money to invest in new technologies, increase capacities, and hire more people.

Why not make the most of your money rather than the government?   Because both the federal government and state governments offer these incentives to business owners, you can.

For companies in pro-business states like Georgia, the opportunities to save big bucks via tax credits through for training on new processes, equipment and technology solutions. Investing in training  provides exceptional value to shareholders, facilitates economic growth, and promotes ongoing innovation.  Contact your tax advisor and ask about your eligibility for these tax credits in you city, state or province!

In Georgia, you and use the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit to improve your workers’ performance and save on taxes. Johnathan Warner explains it all in this short video.

Jonathan Warner helps Georgia companies to take advantage of the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit. get in touch and see how you can train your team and get tax credits too.