Are you a former executive or business owner who is retired and realizing you are bored? Maybe you are looking to supplement your income with some part-time work. Or maybe you’re just disgusted with working for others who see you as just a statistic and are looking for a better answer.

If any of these sounds like you, it’s time to consider an alternative—one where your expertise and experience count far more than age, where you set your own schedule, and lets you work from anywhere.

With the uncertainty in the world and the workplace right now, companies are searching for talented business advisors to help guide them through these turbulent times and bring some clarity to what they are facing.

ORIGINAL TRUSTED BUSINESS LEADERSHIP SCORE smAs an independent business consultant, advisor, trainer, or executive development coach, you set your own schedule, work from anywhere, make a difference, and, if you are good at it, make a lot of money.

Your first step is to determine if this could be a good fit for you.

Fortunately, there is a free resource that can help with this: The Trusted Business Leadership Assessment. It is highly informative and gives you a written evaluation of your strengths in five areas.

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