Excellent Education: Team Training Strategies and Methods You Can Use to Increase The Effectiveness and Productivity of Your Employees

If you need some fresh ideas to keep your team – including your remote employees – operating at their peak and growing professionally, you need to be proactive and adapt your management and training strategies to keep up with the times.

Check out the half-dozen solid ideas outlined here to see which ones need to be incorporated or elevated in your company.

Better Business Processes

How to Create Business Systems and Processes to Streamline Operations, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Cut Costs, and Speed Up Your Business’ Tempo

Go anywhere and you’ll find more than half the people poking away at the screen on their mobile devices.

We know that a mobile-enabled company is vital for sales but building a mobile-friendly infrastructure can also greatly improve your company’s internal operations.

Discover where you can best leverage this technology and put your company on the path to industry leadership today.

hire workers

How to Overcome the Labor Shortage in Your Business, Hire Better Employees, Retain Your Top Performers, and Have a More Engaged and Productive Workforce

A casual stroll through any U.S. business district will take you past dozens of help-wanted signs. Managers everywhere are struggling to keep positions filled and their doors open.

We’ve curated an array of the most effective hiring strategies and policies. Putting them in place today will lead to having your dream team tomorrow.


Maximize the Value of Your Business Before You Plan to Sell It or Lose Most or All of The Value You’ve Worked a Lifetime to Create

Many business owners do a fantastic job minimizing the cost and maximizing the value of their product or service so they can demand top dollar and high profit margins.

However, most fail to put the same effort into building the overall value of their company and when it comes time to hang a price tag on it, they are sorely disappointed…if not financially ruined.

By following the advice in this article and you will be in the handful of owners who get top dollar for their business when it’s time to sell.


Does Your Mind Sabotage You, Thwart Your Career, Hold You Back, Stoke Your Anxiety, Keep You Awake at Night, and Exhaust Your Energy? Break Out of This Self-Imposed Prison with PQ. Here’s How That Works.

“Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.” We’ve all said it, but have you stopped to wonder how this can be and how we can avoid these situations?

The answer lies in your “Positive Intelligence,” or PQ. As important as your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ) are, if you have a low PQ score, your EQ and IQ will often be sabotaged.

Get a handle on your PQ and learn some easy exercises to raise your score and empower your success and happiness.

Every Master Was Once a Disaster…

It's easy to forget that the most successful people in the world were once novices, including notables like Sara Blakely CEO and founder of Spanx, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, and many others. I was recently reminded of...