The Challenge for Coaches Is

Being Noticed and Perceived As

Someone Who Can Solve The Problems

A Business Owner or Executive Has


As A New Coach You Need Visibility, Credibility
and Recognition - Quickly

Both New and Established Coaches Always
Face the Twin Challenges of Staying
Top of Mind and
Demonstrating Competence

Solve Those Two Challenges and You Will

Generate More Sales Faster


There were a way for you to easily and inexpensively

Do Exactly That and: 

  • Immediately Start Building Your Name Recognition and Competence?

  • Stay in front of your prospects, existing customers and influencers who can recommend you?


  • IS 100% DONE FOR YOU

  • Makes it simple for you to put offers, announcements and event notices in front of your subscribers?


There Is!

Your Own Custom
FocalPoint Newsletter!

Experts Say…

Nothing works like regularly being in front of prospects and customers, demonstrating your expertise and reminding them of your services to turn prospects into buyers and sell more

 “Email is still the Old Reliable, ranking first in ROI among other marketing channels.” - Adobe

“Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping a business acquire new customers.” - McKinsey

In our latest study, we asked users to “receive updates” from companies. Only 10% elected to do so through Facebook, while 90% opted for a newsletter. 

“Email is the Internet’s last bastion against the algorithm. Every other website and app decides which things you will or will not see, and in which order you’ll see them. Your inbox doesn’t work that way—which is amazing.” - zapier

“…Email newsletters are a better way to stay in touch with customers than updates posted on social networks like Facebook or Twitter: A newsletter goes into the inbox and sits there, whereas social networks use a stream-based interface metaphor, where new postings constantly replace old ones.” - Neilsen Norman Group - World Leaders in Research-Based User Experience.

The 25x ROI Potential of Email Newsletters
The massive shift competitors are already using beat you


We’ve Changed to an Email-First World

“Email is the oldest social network on the internet. A private, one-on-one message between colleagues, friends, and even strangers. It was texting, before texting.

The total number of worldwide email users is 3.7 billion people as of 2017 [Radicati Group]. The human population is 7.5 billion, which represents half of our entire species. No other technology aside from electricity has that level of penetration.

Over the last decade, Facebook grew to massive proportions, Twitter helped enable not just the 24-hour news cycle, but also a 60-second news cycle. And here we are, bombarded constantly by commercials, digital ads, and a seeming never-ending push towards more noise.   …

To put this into perspective, 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed [Forrester Research]. So it’s no wonder marketers have used email as a sales tactic. …

It’s one of the reasons email newsletters are having a renaissance. It’s an authentic voice in a private one-on-one conversation that just so happens to go out to millions of other people as well.

Organizations like The Skimm, the New York Times, The Information, Hustle are all doing it. And it seems every marketing strategy now includes an email newsletter program. Whether daily, weekly or otherwise across a wide variety of topics.” - Sean  Everett in The Mission

EZEE Newsletters make it easy with regular monthly, high quality, done for you email newsletters which:

  • Increases desire for your products and
  • Ensures Top-of-mind Awareness


More recognition quicker, more credibility which means
more sales, greater loyalty and
higher retention


Turn-Key Totally Customized Done-for-You

EZEE eNewsletters

The Three Biggest Problems with producing an attention-getting, business-building newsletter for your business and how EZEE eNewsletters solves them all!

  1. Time - It just doesn’t get done because it’s too hard and takes too much time and is complicated.
  2. Money - Turnkey done for you newsletters typically cost hundreds of dollars each month.
  3. Quality - Consistently coming up with topics and writing quality articles takes time and skills business owners and their teams just don’t have.

“I don’t think people appreciate how good the newsletter is. Wow! I’ve been scanning through some articles and I’m blown away. You guys do an absolutely phenomenal job! Thank you for your hard work on this. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.” - KJ Kallon, FocalPoint Director of Marketing

100% Done for You

  • Creating custom articles
  • Sending your newsletter
  • Managing all email lists
  • Handling subscriptions
  • Dealing with opt ins and opt outs
  • CASL & CAN SPAM compliance…

Add Your Own List

Easy to add their existing email list, we do it for you!

We’ll clean it up and validate the email addresses, load and send out an Opt-in automatically.

It’s simple to import, export, add, edit and delete smaller number of subscriber records. Upload one or even hundreds of records.


Include Your Own Articles, Videos and Offers

You can add your own posts, content, videos and ads.

In addition to the custom articles that are done for you, it’s easy to add as many of your own articles, offers, videos and promotions as you wish.

We Send All The Newsletters Automatically

We make sure the emails go out on time and are delivered using a “trusted sender” system.  We even use Spam Testing to help eliminate spam ‘triggers’ that can send even good mail into the spam can.

Result - Rapid delivery of newsletters to subscribers.

See How Easy It Is To
Stay Top of Mind

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Turn-key & EZEE

Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

We don’t nickel and dime you, you can add as many email contacts as needed at no additional cost!

You can have your own custom newsletter masthead too - it is limited only by the space available, budget and your imagination.  Create the exact look and message to perfectly brand your coaching practice.

Or use the default masthead that still lets you customize the name of your newsletter, add a tagline, contact data, company name, additional information and a logo or picture.

Complete customization - There are over 35 different user customization fields available so you can make each newsletter totally yours.

What You Get


Full Customization

User Proven and Loved

Email List Cleaning

Up to 10,000 Users per dealer at no added charge

Reorder, Add and Move Articles

Professionally Written Custom Articles

Built In Analytics

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Compare Costs vs FEATURES

See How EZEE Compares to 4 Other Newsletter Services



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Easily Add Your Own Downloadable White Papers, insert adds and special offers instantly.

100% Opt In, Can Span and CASL compliant. Bounces, opt-outs and complaints are all handled automatically.

No one else will send to your list so your prospects and clients will never see a competitor's newsletter... The first person to enter an email owns that customer for life.



“I always get one or two people reaching out to say ‘thanks for sharing’ each month.” - Austin Tenette


“I have been getting more and more great comments about the newsletter…”

Just wanted to tell you that I have been getting more and more great comments about the newsletter as people, at least on my side, are getting more interested.

Many thanks for all your help here. - Luis Vicente García Giliberti

“Readers say…”

  • Well you certainly don’t waste time. Literally 5 minutes ago I was sitting next to you, now I am receiving your newsletter. I may need you to coach to become that efficient. - Daniel E. Clement
  • I love your newsletters , do you compile them or do you have a service? They have good content !! - Arie Shen
  • I enjoyed the tips on the employees - Glen Weinberg
  • Very good news letter John, - Dave Bossard
  • Thanks Jerry. I will look forward to reading these. -Deborah Bruce
  • Nice Newsletter, thanks for sending. - Arie Shen
  • Bob, I am stuck in a dead end job! I cant seem to get out of ! …help me get out of this company please!
  • Thanks Adam—This is well done sir! How’s the life of a coach going? - Jenny Masters Wolf
  • Great newsletter Robert! - Craig Garcia
  • You REALLY do a great job on this newsletter! Just wanted to let you know. - Wendy Bowen
  • Hey Greg, Heck of a newsletter! - Robert Shoemaker
  • Now that you’ve been a the FP gig for a bit we should get together again. I’ll buy you a beer (or lunch). - Jim Jensen
  • Stephen, Thanks for the newsletter! - Carol Ward
  • Very concise, catchy and creative titles! - Stephanie Boeke
  • There was some good info in here George. - Staci Nemeck
  • Thank you Sean. The articles are timely and helpful! - Karen Kwan Anderson

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Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Responsive design works well with smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.


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