business problems

Owners and Top Executives in 7 and 8 figure companies face business problems that don’t always fit cookie cutter solutions - This is where we come in…

business problems

Running a business isn’t easy…

Employees, processes, motivation, leadership, team communications, sales growth, customer acquisition, income generation, revenue enhancement, talent shortages, hiring the wrong person, customer service, operational logistics, training, scaling your operation, digital marketing, strategic planning, keeping track of projects and initiatives… business can be so complex that finding the ideal solution to your business problems is challenging.

The first step to finding answers is having clarity of the issues along with the interconnecting parts that must be considered when crafting a solution.

It’s tough to get everything in a business in sync, working and polished to perfection. Let’s face it, from time to time, virtually all business leaders need specialized outside help to keep moving forward with the least delays and cost to the business.

That is why you hire attorneys, financial advisors, outside contractors, consultants, sales trainers, executive coaches, etc.



Hard driving and ambitious to a fault, passionate about your business, tenacious to the extreme, confident and not afraid of failure, you are always “on.” 

These traits sometimes lead to a difficulty letting go, delegating and seeing or heeding warnings of business problems. You are the person that everyone looks to when decisions are needed and you don’t always have the answer.

It’s why you work 90 hours a week and everyone else works less than half of that.  You are independent as heck and excellent in so many areas but you can’t know or do everything - which is why reaching out to experts for help is both so hard yet so vital for you.

That’s where we come in… we give you and independent point of view and expertise that clears the roadblocks.

We get it, we are owner/entrepreneurs ourselves!


You know your job is multi-functional and requires communications, leadership, hiring, promoting, training, planning, monitoring, etc.

Developing the competencies required to be a top executive are numerous.  From humility to  empathy, to engagement to coaching, to  emotional intelligence, authenticity, strategic foresight…

… it’s a tall order.

We understand, we were all top executives at some point in our careers which means we can tailor solutions to your unique situation so obstacles slowing you down are removed.

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Expert in your profession, you are hugely knowledgeable and skilled. You spent many years in school and even more time working in other practices.

Regardless of your practice area - medicine, law, finance, insurance, etc., you may not have had time to acquire the essential business skills and techniques to be an excellent leader in your own business or to manage a large staff. 

That’s where we come in… we provide custom solutions for your practice that removes roadblocks to progress.

We’re betting that you, like myriad other owners, are vexed occasionally
when dealing with issues in common business problem areas:


“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.” - Brian Tracy

Brian says the average person is working at 110-130% of capacity, which means they will never get caught up.

How do you help your team members stay on top of their most important responsibilities and avoid creating more stress for themselves when they procrastinate and put themselves under the pressure of a deadline were they will tend to make more mistakes? We have a fun program designed to teach your team how to massively improve their time efficiency and effectiveness. We call it “Eat That Frog.”


As the most critical element of success in any company, would it be crazy to suggest that you should do all that is needed to have highly performing teams?

The real problem comes in understanding what makes teams work at a high level and how to create engagement and effectiveness.

“Your only long term, sustainable competitive advantage is your people.” | – Billy Friley, founder Village Ice Cream

Clarity, Expectations, Understanding team members, how they work together as a team, communication styles and how they are lead are fundamentals. Our approach identifies individual, team and leadership starting points and builds highly effective individuals, teams and organizations.

We have the know how, the programs and the solutions to do that in your company.


No surprise. You like many others come to us with it being the first of the business problems we hear about - and it’s mostly “there isn’t enough” or “it’s not getting here fast enough.”

“Lack of money is never, ever, ever a problem. A lack of money is merely a symptom of what is going on underneath.” - T. Harv Eker

It is the rare business leader who feels they have enough sales, working capital, investment dollars or even take home pay for all the hours and hassles you put in.

Sales team effectiveness, marketing strategies, operations, effective leadership and employee engagement and productivity, scaling your business and measuring progress against goals only begin to cover what makes money problematic.

Put all that behind you with our process that identifies what is between you and “money” then creates a custom tailored solution to get you past the roadblocks and into the enviable position where money isn’t a concern.



Life is like a 4 legged stool. One leg is a career, another is family and friends, a third is health and fitness, and the 4th is community/faith/values.

The goal is to have a well-balanced stool so there is no wobble. Just as you need to up your game in business by learning more and planning, in your personal life you need to diligently learn new ways of looking at your strengths, your goals, the hassles you deal with, and how you manage your money.

“When you don’t have any money, the problem is food. When you have money, it’s sex. When you have both, it’s health.” ~ Marilyn Monroe.

Failing to pay attention to your family, life, and goals is a mistake you do not need to make. You were born with remarkable powers of intelligence, imagination, and ethereal awareness but are you putting your superpowers to full use?


Too many company owners wake up one day and decide they’ll sell their company and retire rich. They call a business broker and discover their business is not saleable or may bring only half – or less – of what they think. It’s true. Brokers tell us this is a common scenario.

They would love to sell their business quickly at the highest possible price for you but can’t. So they are stuck in their business unless they want to give it away.

“You want to have the company that others want to buy, not one you have to sell. Buyers don’t want to buy your problems.” - Anon.

Start early to groom your company for a high-value quick sale. You’ll discover that by solving business problems now, you’ll be tuning your company for an eventual sale.  Best of all, you’ll make more money and work less in the meantime as your business becomes more valuable.



If it’s marketing, sales success, customer acquisition or retention, team collaboration, employee engagement and productivity, leadership, strategic planning and strategy execution, websites and SEO etc., putting up roadblocks, let us work with you and your team and get them removed.

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Magic Wands? Rose Colored Glasses? Magic Wishing Pennies? Are you people for real?

business problems thruough rose colored galssesFair question and the answer is “not really.” However, some people who contact us are looking for the “magic wand solution” to a complex problem. One that costs nothing, takes no time and makes problems vanish (we have some magic pixie dust that is good for that). They don’t say it that way but it is what they really want.

Of course, if a situation is bad enough and hasn’t already been solved, it’s why you are here.  And it could be a good indication that real help is needed. And that’s where we come in…

For those still hoping for a magic solution we also provide Magic Wishing Pennies. And for others who hope things will be better tomorrow, we also carry Rose Colored Glasses.