Avoid costly accidents, maximize your company’s safety record and increase profitability

A significant reduction in accidents minimizes insurance costs, costly settlements and avoids distraction of top management


Environments change, but the mental “skills” that cause accidents do NOT change.  Multiple studies in multiple jobs in multiple industries clearly show that the mental skill sets of those with chargeable accidents is DIFFERENT than those who have not had chargeable accidents.

There is a solution to ever more costly premiums, major distractions, costly settlements, massive legal fees and employee injury - Proven Safety Assessments.

Safety/Risk Assessments are used by Fortune 50 within the Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Utilities, Government, Transportation, Technology, Entertainment, Communication, Metals, and Mining sectors.


  • REDUCE ACCIDENTS by measuring employee’s risk factors
  • INCREASE PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY - Integrate people metrics into the company’s present safety program
  • REDUCE ACCIDENTS - Identify “knock out” factors that include technical, mental, personal & cultural fit
  • HIRE SMARTER - Target top performers for when hiring and create an individualized safety developmental path