Train Your Employees to Manage Time and Increase Productivity

The 21st century business environment isn’t friendly to inefficient or less-than-productive organizations. The economic world doesn’t forgive easily, and profitability is eroding under persistent pressure and unstable marketplaces.

​”Urgent things are rarely important. Important things are rarely urgent. And learning to tell one from the other is the key to a happier, healthier, more productive life.” -by Roy H. Williams, Wizard of Ads

Most business owners have been known to complain at some point about their employees “wasting” time dealing with issues outside of their job purview. This isn’t often done intentionally, however tempting it may be to believe that it is.

In this famous Brian Tracy workshop, your team will learn how to stop wasting time on make work, get the big hairy knotty problem solved quickly and end procrastination.

Here is a sample of just four top time management tips this course covers:

  1. Clarifying exactly what they want to accomplish before starting the business day.
  2. Planning the work day in advance by listing everything they want to accomplish, assigning the tasks a level of priority from A to E.
  3. Beginning by “eating the frog” – handling the least desirable or most difficult task first, to get it out of the way. They will feel more motivated and less inclined to procrastinate by doing so.
  4. Handling each task with a single touch. This means once they tackle a job, it must be finished completely before moving on. This avoids extra and unnecessary time spent on doing an action, and forces the worker to be prepared and ready to complete the task before starting it.

If you know you or your team are working hard but seemingly not making much progress and the to-do list is getting older and older, this is for you.

The best part of the course is learning how to and why you want to eat a frog first thing every day!