It happens to even the most passionate and indestructible entrepreneur.

Most of us owners think working 40 hours a week is what we do in the first 3 days of the week.  We get so consumed in or by our business that we fail to take time off for vacations and end up working on weekends sometimes.

Families suffer and our indestructible psyche, and sometimes our health, start to go sideways on us. We burn out.  We no longer have that “I gotta get out of bed and get to work” motivation. Turning over and pulling up the covers begins to hold a lot more appeal.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • You have trouble with your health?
  • You mind wanders and you lose focus?
  • Your business feels more like home than your house does?
  • The entrepreneurial fire has gone out and your enjoyment of your business is lagging?

If so, you are burned out and need to recharge and remodel how you work.  Failing to do so can kill your relationship with your family and you, literally.  Let see how you can reinvigorate your passion for your business and remodel your lifestyle.

Start with Your “Why”

Time to go back in time, way back to when you got into the business.  Think about what motivated you to take the leap of faith and start your business. What need or problem did you set out to address? Relive that first day and the elation and excitement you had at stepping out to conquer the world.  Can you find that joy and excitement today in what you are doing?

Where Are You Headed?

You set out to achieve something in life. Can you visualize what that end state will be and what it feels like? What is that big dream you have been nurturing for years? Imagine yourself there and what that feels like.  We wanted more than to be a galley slave in our company, who are we doing this for besides ourselves? Revisit all the reasons you got into business and what accomplishing your goals will mean.

Family Business?

Are you a family business with members working in the business, looking to the business for income or expecting you to the be the one person to solve every problem…?

You have a lot more to deal with because, well, it’s complicated.

Find out what makes your situation so much more complicated and key questions you should be asking in this special report.