Why Is The Sales Team Not Delivering?

One of the largest contributors to the underlying lackluster sales results of low achieving salespeople, is having to report their key result area and/or key performance indicator (KRA/KPI) figures. Many feel that collecting and reporting their activities is like having big brother watching over them and just a time waster. Once they are handed in nothing ever comes of it.

The reality is that what gets measured gets done! Baseball, football, tennis are a few examples of activities that capture their KRA/KPI statistics and make good use of them.

“What gets measured gets done.” It’s an adage often heard in business and other areas, and it may date back to Rheticus in the early 1500s. Its power lies in the related truth that, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

Two Ways That Measurement Leads to Goal Achievement

How regularly have you heard or said, “It’s no longer one of my performance goals, so it’s not a concern for me.”

This isn’t the mindset we are hoping for, yet for many salespeople, the simple step of measurement influences them. Some see it as using coercion to perform – a “Do it or else!” tactic that creates undue stress – making it a poor long-term strategy for success. However, in others it can have the opposite effect.  It’s one reason you find your sales team not delivering.

The desire to win is heightened at the point where competition and time pressure coincide, and the simple process of measuring something sparks that sense of competition in many people.

That rivalry doesn’t need to be with others, it could be with one’s own self as a type of “opposition” to test yourself against and outperform. Without a bogey, a thing to measure your achievement against, there’s no way for you to determine whether you have the level of motivation required to accomplish something.

When we set targets and measure overall performance relative to that goal, we have the key to holding ourselves (and others) accountable for success or failure.

When we have concrete information, it indicates what we did or didn’t do, what the impact has been, and what we may need to do differently. Without being accountable, we can’t manage and mentor others, helping them grow and move closer to success.

Is that all it takes?

Can we measure something and it’ll magically transform? Sadly, it’s not that easy. In addition to things like sales plans, sales processes control, presentation skills, prospecting skills, and closing skills, there is a bit more to it than simply measuring the right activities in the right way.

Measurement is key but knowing how to sell today means knowing the fundamentals, buffing up and polishing your sales skills and learning the new approaches that are required when dealing with today’s more knowledgeable and informed buyer.

Don’t settle for a sales team not delivering, it’s what you pay them for!

Does training pay off? Here are the results the sales team of a billion plus dollar company have from our Sales Communications Breakthrough Training (SBCT):

  • Within the first few months of the Sales Communications Breakthrough Training ,SCBT, in month three Geoff B exceeded his sales target for the month by 57% and is a champion encouraging his peers to leverage and implement the SCBT it works.
  • Without taking a time management course but being in the SCBT, Luis has been able to reduce the time of his sales process by 73% allowing him to provide high value solution focus, allowing him to accomplish more.

Assess Your Sales Team’s Skills

Do you have any of these symptoms of sub-par sales performance?

  • If you have salespeople who are cold calling superstars but cannot close the ideal customer, get them to step back and change their focus.
  • Success breeds ego, but past victories aren’t any indication of potential future wins if a salesperson is resting on the laurels of their past achievements.
  • The opposite problem is just as bad for business: salespeople who doubt their own skills. Sometimes this occurs after a prolonged sales drought or when they don’t agree with or have lost the passion and enthusiasm for the product they’re selling or the company they represent. The cure is to identify the attitude issues in your company and repair them, right away.
  • They ask questions that don’t engage the prospect or when they do ask a question that engages the prospect, they aren’t 100 percent focused on what the prospect is saying. Instead they are thinking about what to ask next or simply distracted by personal concerns.
  • They’re bashing heads with the marketing guys, blaming them for lousy, low quality leads.

Sales team not delivering? Look at your business processes and existing policies as a source of the problem.

  • Do you have systems and procedures that place the prospects and customers first?
  • Do you have a system that provides feedback of performance opinions on a daily basis?
  • Does your customer service group have a system to rapidly get customer problems escalated and resolved?
  • Do you know the key components of your follow up prospecting strategies that are designed to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy?

All Sales Teams Benefit By “Sharpening the Saw” - That is, upgrading and practicing the best sales methods and processes for today’s buyers.

If your sales group is disorganized, stressed, and flying by the seat of their collective pants, it is probably because there wasn’t solid sales training, the skills are dated or need revitalization.

Get Expert Sales Training Programs

We are expert sales trainers and can deliver programs for any sales team from small to large.  Based on renowned sales training by Brian Tracy and updated and extended with work from current approaches such as SPIN and Champions, you’ll see the results from your team in a very short period of time.

Our approach to sales training is designed to make permanent changes to behavior so your investment in the most critical part of your business, selling, lasts and your team does not return to its old habits  and waste you money and damage your sales growth.

We call our program Sales Communications Breakthrough Training and it has worked wonders for sales teams worldwide.

We have delivered on our promise for companies spanning multiple states and provinces and can tailor a sales program tailored to your company and sales team needs.

As with many things in business, sales success complicated but it’s something you can fix quite rapidly… if you have the team who can fix the underlying causes. The good news is that we are experts who can help sort out this type of situation and get your sales back on the fast growth track.