The Small Business complaint is often “We Need More Sales”

It’s a common complaint of most all businesses but is especially true for the small business.  The symptoms are varied but include some or all of the following problems:

Sales are marginally enough to keep the wheels on; we’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.

  • All we do is get hammered on price by buyers, they can “get it cheaper” from our competition.
  • We are invisible on Google, Bing or any other search engine. No one knows we’re here.




  • We are spending money to generate leads, but the leads are poor and hard to close. When we do make a sale, it’s a one-time transaction.
  • We get a lot of customers, but they never come back.
  • We are making sales, but our margins are low and we can’t seem to do any better. We need more sales!
  • Our sales team complains that the leads they get are time wasters and many don’t even respond. Something is not working, our marketing or our sales team.
  • Our competition is growing. We’re not. We say the same thing they do. Why aren’t we expanding too?
  • We are a great company with a great product, why is it so hard for us to find buyers?

We Have Solutions

There are solutions to each of these are available and something you can easily put into practice in your business… That is, if you understand what’s really causing the problem.  It’s having the understanding, experience and expertise to understand what’s really causing the problem that is the key to a long-term solution.

Think of it like the difference in going to the doctor when you have a cough and going to a drugstore. One is a diagnostician who can identify and treat the underlying problems; the other just sells stuff that might sort of work or not. 

The small firm with a small sales force and limited marketing team, we’ll identify the causes and deliver affordable solutions to cure the underlying problems and get your sales up and going quickly.

For larger companies including those with a sales force and dedicated marketing team, we’ll work alongside you to identify the underlying issues and deliver great and lasting solutions so you get the maximum ROI.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporations, take advantage of our knowhow to identify underlying causes get custom tailored solutions.

It’s all about understanding that it’s not the cough that is the cause of the cough. It’s always a combination of things lying below the surface that you’re not seeing.

Small Businesses Need Effective Marketing to Promote Their Business and Get Sales

If You Are Saying “We need more sales!”

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Far too many owners do not know how to do this effectively.  Many are already spending good money on websites and ads that are losers that do not pay off so they continue to struggle.

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