Employees Disengaged, Checked-Out, Productivity Low

You are not alone.  Disengaged employees cost companies almost a half-trillion dollars annually according to The Conference Board in 2017.

Gallup’s survey of the American Workplace in 2017 also found that only 33% of employees are actively engaged and more than half are not engaged and have not been for a long time.  Worse, one third of employees plan to make the move within a year.

The problems of having employees disengaged are costly, they show up in your bottom line and are real.  Millennials are even more attuned to work in companies where they can grow, develop and be responsible. Unfortunately, how many firms manage their employees has not kept up with the shift in employee expectations.   And therein, lies the root of the problem.

Customized Solutions That Improve Results
Communication Breakthrough

Being a skilled and versatile communicator is vital to success. Your ability to communicate effectively with different people, get you point across clearly and conversely, understand what others are communicating to you will determine your impact and effectiveness.

The Communication Breakthrough Program combines powerful analytic tools with individual and group training for companies looking to take their communication effectiveness and performance to the next level.

This is a high-impact and quick program that changes and improve performance very quickly. It does this by helping participants gain valuable insights into themselves and the different communication styles others use.

Knowing how to talk and listen to each style is a revelation to participants because it provides managers, salespeople, customer facing personnel and corporate leaders the skills to make them far more effective in their business roles and personal lives.

Navigational Conversations

How do you beat employee apathy, disengagement and low productivity?  Much of the answer lies in how your managers manage.

Too many leaders and managers become problem solvers and are “doing the work” others should be doing.  There is a ton of untapped potential in your people, and you need to harness that potential to gain employee engagement, develop a can-do, take charge mentality and be enthusiastic about coming to work.

To get there, you need a fast and effective way to begin shifting mindsets from problem solving to leading. This involves thinking differently, learning new skills, listening to intuition, exercising restraint, developing wisdom.  This two day hands on course condenses 40 years of leadership expertise into one powerful workshop that produces lasting improvement and changes lives.

Effectiveness Coaching
  • Time Management – increase the quality and quantity of results by increasing how employees use their time.
  • Meeting Management – Far too many meetings are time wasters where nothing gets decided, not new information imparted and where no one goes away feeling like the meeting had much impact. Our comprehensive meeting management program teaches team leaders how to hold meetings that make a difference, are short, effective and where everyone contributes to a solution.  You’ll discover some highly effective ways that create a meeting for decisions where even big issues can be decided effectively and quickly.

Most of us are great at telling others what to do. The old style of “command and control” fades from the workplace, it is being replaced by collaborative working styles. Your organization needs leaders who are capable of developing leadership in others.

We all like to think our leadership skills are impeccable. However, it’s valuable to recognize where we need to improve.  The source of the problem may not be obvious at all levels of the company, but it’s obvious to the employees on the receiving end of the poor communication.

Quitting is not due to wages and benefits, although if unrealistically low it can be. Most employees leave a business because of their boss, not money.  That’s the bad news.

The good news…

Why have employees disengaged and struggle with marginally productivity when it is a situation you can turn around and see productivity start climbing quickly.  It’s a matter of giving your managers the skills that they don’t have so they change how they manage.  Not only is it easier, it results in developing your next generation of leaders. You want them to be prepared to step into a leadership position when there is an opening.  And, you want your existing managers to move up and build a deep base of institutional wisdom and knowhow.

Our Navigational Coaching program is a two day online program that transforms managers by giving them the tools to motivate, inspire, and move others into action so your company pays in lost productivity.  Say goodby to having employees disengaged and marginally productive for good.