The world’s most successful organizations understand their level of success is directly linked to the quality of their Sales Team and Sales Managers. 

Relying on yesterday’s methods and rusty skills won’t bring in the deals you need tomorrow.

All owners know sales are critical to a company’s success which is why industry leading firms invest in sales training.  The goal is to maximize revenue and profitability by making sure their teams are well trained, managed and focused.

Selling today is more competitive than ever before. Prospecting and closing success in a volatile market demands a new breed of top-caliber professionals with advanced selling skills.

We call that “sharpening the saw” and our sales training program is based on the best thinking of luminary sales trainers like Brian Tracy and updates and enhanced with new methods and systems.

sales training

Training Alone Is Not Enough

Did you know 84% of your training dollars are wasted if all you do is train someone? Recent findings of retention of material taught in seminars is forgotten in six weeks.  People go away all charged  up but then little by little, they go back to doing what they always did before.

That is why our sales training program lasts for months with bi-weekly follow-up web sessions after the initial training program - we turn lessons learned are into new and better habits.

If you are going  to just train, don’t waste your money.  Select a program that burns in the lessons so they are not forgotten.

Whatever got salespeople to where they are today is not enough to keep them there.

Corporate survival today is absolutely dependent on a highly skilled and trained team. As many as 70% of companies do no training at all. The ones who do will control the markets of tomorrow. By fielding the best-trained, most highly-skilled salespeople, the company can control its own destiny.

This program elevates the effectiveness and productivity and transform results in small companies and multi-national firms.

This custom tailored program typically covers the following key areas and our accountability program burns in the principles and techniques learned so participants continue to apply their new knowledge into the future.

  • The New Realities of Selling
  • The Winning Edge
  • Personal Sales Planning
  • Prospecting Power
  • Relationship Selling
  • Selling Consultatively
  • How Buyers Buy
  • Types of Buyers
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Asking Your Way to Success
  • Identifying Needs Accurately
  • Handling Objections