Your Website is not generating  a steady stream of good store traffic  Website leads and sales aren’t cutting it.

Don’t feel alone, you have plenty of company. But you can change that!

Many great businesses believed that “having a website” is all it would take to be found among the millions of active websites and see lots of great new prospects and customers show up.

Many had spent a lot of money, even hired a “web designer” or agency to create their site yet somehow, they are just not seeing the results they need. It’s simply not happening.


Why is that and what should you do about it?

No web leads no sales

Your site is attractive, even stunning, it says a lot of good stuff about you and all the things you do and shows pictures and more…

However, what you get is few inquiries, little new store traffic and a tiny jump in on-site sales. It is depressing.

But there is a way to change those results with an approach that is a combination of business savvy, technical know how and web design that gets your business moving again.

As business coaches, trainers and advisors, we come at the problem with a different mindset and at a much deeper level than where the typical website providers start.  We understand the dynamics of what makes a business successful at a level rarely found in the web development industry and you get the befit of having that expertise.


As professional business coaches, advisors and trainers, we look at how you build a website based on a broad perspective of what makes for success.


Sometimes, it isn’t the site so much as it is other factors that are why you are not getting enough website leads and sales or store traffic. Or maybe your site is simply out of date because website design and buyers expectations change at light speed and you haven’t changed it since it was built.

Other times, what you say, how you say it and how you approach the market which is failing and not communicating your value properly… there are many business factors involved in having a successful site in addition to the way your website looks.

It Starts With You…

Gaining clarity about your business, its mission, values and vision is our jumping off point.  Using some of the powerful tools we use with our business clients to help them up their game, we do a deeper dive into your customers.  Then we probe for problem areas which lie hidden, often from even you, areas that are keeping your business from taking off like it should.

Once we understand your markets, business, vision, values and mission, we’ll begin working on developing your website.  Using a strategy that focuses on your customers and prospects are looking for and using proven strategies for creating powerful website copy, we create the navigation for your website and the individual web pages.

In July 2021, the web had approximately 263 million active sites with billions of web pages, numbers which grow daily, obviously will take more than a pretty site.[1]  Although approximately 225 million of them are active, competition for attention is fierce and getting even more ruthless.

That is why we provide the additional strategies, tactics and tools you need to get found by as many new prospects as possible without breaking your budget.

Your Company, Your Brand, Your Uniqueness

web development & design

Web Development and Design


Requirements for Success…

  • A comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that does the heavy lifting needed to help people find your business
  • You need a website design that matches your brand with professional copy, images, videos and whatever is need to tell your story and addresses what your buyers are looking for right now
  •  A site that “connects the dots” for your prospects in a way that gets them to take action - from eCommerce purchases to lead generation
  • A website that is easy to keep up to date and change and morph as tastes and your company change and grow
  • And a business professional who understands you and your uniqueness to help you be ready to delight your prospect when they engage with you.


SEO Top Ranking

Getting Found, SEO, Local Marketing, Social Media is essential to getting more quality website leads and sales

Shouldn’t we be talking?

You have come to the right place if you are determined to improve your website performance and close rate.  Check out our broad list of services and you’ll see we are way more than a website developer and the right place to start your journey to more sales.

We’ll work with you from the top down and create a custom strategy for your business that takes you from obscure to found, from not engaging prospects to a must-contact solution with the skills to delight your new customers.  And, let us not forget, have a site that helps you make the most from your existing customers.

There is Never a Better Time Than NOW to Get Growing

Let’s discuss your situation and see if a new approach makes sense for your business.

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