As a startup business, you are in scramble mode and sometimes wonder if your business can survive


A lot can go wrong, one slip-up, unexpected expense, a call from your biggest customer holding up a purchase you are counting on, trying to figure out why you’re not getting more leads and closing more sales.  Even if you’ve tried everything, you can get back on track with the right help.  Others have been here before and the secrets to succeeding are there and surprisingly easy to take advantage of.

You may be just trying to keep the doors open, get your business moving forward fast, discover what your clients really so sales take off and need to have your company stand out from your competition.

 Maybe you are dealing with even more of the challenges new businesses have like getting good team members or paying the bills.

Fortunately for you, we have worked with many businesses with the same problems.  Here are some typical problems with some things you can use yourself to improve your results:

 Increasing Sales, Closing the Sale

 If you are having trouble getting customers in the door and closing the sale, there could be many reasons for that difficult situation.

Here are a few suggestions you can use right now:

  1. Have you asked your customers what brought them to your store? Ask them what they were looking for and what the problem or need they have they want to resolve or find. Let them know you want to help them get the very best solution possible even if it’s not what you have or can do.  You’ll learn a ton from their answers.
  2. Comparison shop. Visit other stores or internet sites which offer what you do and comparing prices and quality. See how they talk about their product or service. You’ll learn a lot by just looking and listening.
  3. Think how you can make your prospects buying experience better than your competitors; how you can add more value than they do. Experiment. Ask people what they liked or didn’t like.  Be sure to ask those who didn’t buy what would it take for them to say yes.  You’ll begin to zero in on the answers you need.

The solutions are easy once you understand your customers well and these are just a few of the questions you need answers to.

Not Enough Traffic, Phone Not Ringing, No Leads Coming In?

If you are experiencing a lack of leads or traffic, here are three questions that, when answered, will help bring in more prospects:

  1. Do a Google search for what you offer or sell. Did you show up at all in the search? Were you on the first page or second? If you are a local business, where are you customers who come in hear about you?
  2. Ask how your customers first find you. Pay attention, it’s an indication of what is working.  What advertising are you doing now that is not bringing in good customers at a reasonable cost?  If it’s not working at all, or the price you pay to get one customer is crazy high, stop; it’s a waste of good money.  You need customers not “awareness.”
  3. Give your customers them a discount when they refer or recommend you to others. Word of mouth is the most effective ad money can buy.  Use it.

There are many more considerations and things to understand to have an effective lead or traffic generation program, but these will get you started.

Low margins, money tight?

Many startups have problems managing their finances and are in a constant scramble for money.  Maybe you have sales but no money in the bank, there could be many reasons these things happen.


Small Businesses Need Effective Marketing to Promote Their Business and Get Sales

This Program May Be Perfect for You

Far too many owners do not know how to do this effectively.  Many are already spending good money on websites and ads that are losers that do not pay off so they continue to struggle.

Discover the Solution That is Proven to Work for Businesses Just Like Yours

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The first step is to find out why.

Once the reasons are understood, there are solutions and affordable ways to be sure you will have the money when we are finished.  This one, we’ll need to talk over to give you any real help but we’d be glad to show you how you can improve your results right now.

If any of those, or other things, are problems you have and are looking for how to change and fix them, we can start by talking entrepreneur to entrepreneur and see if it makes sense to get together.  At the least, we promise you’ll take away new insights and tips you can use.

There are many more considerations and things to understand to have an effective lead or traffic generation program, but these will get you started.

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