There are two ways to grow your coaching practice…

2 ways to grow your coaching practice

It’s time to set up your own FocalPoint e-newsletter!

This regular educational email newsletter is one of the most effective and well-proven ways to promote your practice every month with virtually no effort and have 3 Important Benefits:




It’s Powerful Email Marketing made easy

Grow your audience and build more loyal followers with high quality articles that deliver business knowledge and of useful insights that are delivered to reader’s inboxes every month so you build your reputation, visibility, and awareness for robust practice growth.



EZEENewsletters - The hands-free, done for you custom newsletter system


As a business coach, you are busy and you likely don’t want to spend hours every month and dollars every year sending a newsletter. This is where we come in, we put your having your own newsletter on autopilot.

With our complete solutions, you’ll have a totally customizable newsletter that has the look and feel of  professional graphic designer, copy writers and editors, yet you don’t have to lift a finger! Unless you want to…

We take care of all the heavy lifting for you and deliver a professional newsletter experience that helps build your reputation, your brand and, your client relationships.


Your eNewsletter starts with the strong branding of your business featuring a custom-designed heading (masthead) featuring you logo, image and messaging so no one suspects you didn’t create the newsletter.

  • Is easily customized with your contact information, links, social sites, etc.
  • Each month, you will have several timely, engaging and value-rich, high-quality, professionally written, and edited articles.
  • No “scrapes from other internet content, original articles custom created for the newsletter and not found elsewhere.
  • Timely topics and others that are relevant to issues businesses face today
  • Engaging headlines and click-producing teaser copy.
  • High-quality stock images from top paid resources.
  • The full articles are hosted for you so your article has YOUR unique URL so you can use to send people to your article from your email, etc., and know they will see your branding.


  • Easily add your own articles, ads, images, content, and more to your newsletter. If you can use Word or can make a blog post, you can do it.
  • For each edition, you can easily rearrange the article order of the articles available, even remove any you don’t want.


You send us your email list as exported from Gmail, Outlook Safari, etc., and we will:

  • Clean up the content, format the name and email address.
  • Validate the list and remove any bad emails, spam traps, etc. so you have a clean list.
  • Load it for you so you are ready to start sending your newsletter immediately. No waiting, frustrating tech stuff, and no gnashing of teeth!
  • Make sure your newsletter makes it into the recipient’s inbox. Our Sender Score of 99 out of 100 means the email delivery services like Gmail and others know we are a trustworthy white hat mailer.


We are responsive humans who what to talk to you and get your issues resolved NOW. Phone, email… we’ll be there for you.

Dan Creed

Dan Creed, Author of “The Champions Network” and multiple award-winning coach and Area Rep says:

“The FocalPoint eNewsletter is a cornerstone of my Champions marketing strategy.”

Sample Newsletter

Sample EzeeNewsletter Custom Masthead

Use the default masthead (header) or create your own custom version…

Custom Masthead 2

Custom Masthead 3

Custom Masthead 5

Custom Masthead 6

Custom Masthead 7

Custom Masthead  10


It doesn’t cost you a nickel!

Your ad fund covers it for you.

Now isn’t ‘free’ a good enough reason to get your own business building e-newsletter right now?

Signup is a breeze and setup of your own custom newsletter is easy. In just a few minutes you’ll have your own lead magnet, list builder, and a way to stay top of mind.

Sign up now,  in only a few minutes you’ll be marketing yourself automatically!

It takes a lot of effort and expertise to do a great newsletter because to be successful, it must provide many essential features:

  • The newsletter has to have content your audience cares about.
  • It needs to be relevant and offer real value and not just be an advertisement disguised as a newsletter
  • Must be interesting and engaging, educational and be free of filler words and have correct grammar.
  • The newsletter must have an effective writing style, layout, design
  • Give readers something specific to do with what they just learned with a CTA - Call to Action.
  • Communicate with powerful headlines that interrupt and high-quality images to “grab” the reader’s attention
  • Avoid getting caught in the spam filters by having great content people read so your build an email reputation with the “spam cops.”

We maintain an email Sender Score rating of 99 out of 100 rating, that assures the email delivery services that our content is not spam and gets it delivered.

  • Build trust with your audience over time by being consistent and reliably being there, month after month.
  • Be sent at the right time, and on the right schedule, so it’s not irritating but is regular enough that you aren’t forgotten
  • Make it easy to add to your subscriber list with a subscribe button or your own additions to your email list.
  • Handle opt-in and opt-out requests, remove email addresses that bounce before using and minimize people marking your email as SPAM.
  • Comply with privacy policies, anti-spam laws, and more.

The reality is that e-newsletters are more effective than ever at targeting your core audience with just what they need when they need it.

While there are many more ways to get your message in front of your audience, there’s no method more effective than one that demands attention in their inbox and that they actually look forward to reading!

With an email newsletter, you can keep yourself on the mind of your readers week after week and month after month, so that when they have an issue arise in their lives—and if you’ve educated them on that problem—you’re the first person they turn to for help.

Why is that? Education and repeatedly being in front of people it is a proven way to put down a “Mental Marker” in the reader’s mind. That marker will trigger them to contact you when a problem arises, even months later.

It’s one reason email newsletters continue to be one of the most enduring forms of marketing.



“I gather you sent out the newsletter opt-in email, and the good news is that it already got me a client! Well, actually a previous client that I parted ways with during Covid. So I’m already a fan of the newsletter! Thanks!” - Mikke Pierson

“I want to thank you for the hint on using the newsletter article archive as a great go to source of information. I have a speech to give today to a seven person leadership team at a company staffed and run by millennials and I found the perfect article to use as a guide to build my talk in the newsletter archives. So within two days you have helped me deliver a quality talk and got me a new client! Thank you!” - Mikke Pierson

“Thank you for all the effort and hassles you put up with regarding the newsletter…. I reposted an article today, first one in too many weeks. The President of Master (billion dollar plus company) acknowledged it, albeit only a thumbs up emoji.” - Phil Gilkes

“Just a note of appreciation for your use of people of color in your material. Great job.” - Thanks. Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., ICMA-CM

“Great newsletter! I hope you are staying healthy and safe during all the madness! Becki”

“Thanks, These are helpful articles and interesting reads. Cheers Joyce.”

“Hi Bruce Thanks for the newsletter. I would like to set up a 1-2-1 in the next couple of weeks.” - Robert McGaw

“Would you have time for a quick chat next week. I think I need some coaching or maybe just a pep talk. Been trying to focus on productive things during the shutdown but it’s tough being a new business owner.” - Lynn Krause

“Thanks Gina, always interesting to read your articles. - Lars”

“Hi Tony, It was great meeting with you yesterday! I hope we can find a way to work together on a project. - Eric Braun”

“Great newsletter again this month! I really enjoy reading these, so thanks for sending them out! - Patti Vander Zee”

“Great Newsletter … fantastic content!! - Stacy Saville”

“Great newsletter….especially the Employee Engagement part. - Stu Beckett”

“This one is my favorite yet. I really enjoyed it. - Sam Zee “

“You REALLY do a great job on this newsletter! Just wanted to let you know. - Wendy Bowen”

“Hey Greg, Heck of a newsletter! - Robert Shoemaker”

“Stephen, Thanks for the newsletter! - Carol Ward (Frannet consultant)”

“Very concise, catchy and creative titles! - Stephanie Boeke”



The Question Today’s Marketers Should be Asking

“The question marketers should ask themselves for the future is: how can I create an audience that I can reach whenever I want without depending on any distribution channel (like social media, Google search results, SEO, PPC, etc) that I don’t have control over?

The Answer? Think Like a Publisher!

A publisher needs to create amazing content frequently to have a recurring audience that chooses to pay attention to what you are saying because it resonates with them. These are your newsletter or podcast subscribers, the frequent readers of your blog that keeps it in their bookmarks instead of finding you on Google, etc.

Each person that chooses to actively go after your content, your brand, is worth a hundred times more than a single Instagram follower or someone who just found your blog on Google and never returns. Rand Fishkin calls it the “Netflix Effect” and I believe it’s a good definition. When someone is eager for your content to reach their inbox, you win.”

HubSpot - State of Inbound Marketing Trends 2022

Nothing does this better than having your own custom-branded eNewsletter

1   The Marketing Equation is from one of the best-selling marketing books in recent times “Monopolize Your Marketplace” by Richard Harshaw. It is timeless and as applicable to printed as to internet advertising as its foundation is the bedrock upon which successful advertising has relied for hundreds of years: how humans buy things.

No gimmicks, no dancing cats, no meaningless attention grabbers that have zero to do with the problem being solved which don’t work form most businesses.

  The book is available from Amazon.