Is Your Closely Held Business Protected from The Unexpected Loss of One of Its Owners?

Closely held businesses such as a family business can find their future imperiled when an unanticipated crisis such as death, disability or divorce affects the ownership of corporate shares.

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There is no charge for taking the assessment. Your score will be shown after completion so you can see exactly how well protected you are should something happen to an owner. It's our way of helping businesses thrive and avoid dangerous roadblocks.

For each of the following questions, answer "Yes" if your Buy/Sell agreement addresses the item should something happen to one of the owners. Otherwise, answer "No."

1. Describes the disposition of corporate stock upon death, divorce, disability or personal bankruptcy?(Required)
2. Establishes procedures for the assessment of cognitive decline?(Required)
3. Specifies the recapture of stock from terminated family members?(Required)
4. Designates conditions for the buyback of passive shareholder stock?(Required)
5. Enumerates funding sources for stock buybacks?(Required)
6. Establishes trusts as needed?(Required)
7. Ensures the conformance of personal wills with the buy-sell agreement’s terms?(Required)
8. Schedules annual reviews of the buy-sell agreement?(Required)
9. Requires an annual business valuation?(Required)
10. Ensures that all family members have bought into the agreement and its business valuation formula?(Required)