There are 3 Killers of Donations and Achieving the Mission of Non-Profits

Here’s How To Cure Them Then Watch Donations Flow In So You Can Deliver The Core Benefits You Were Set Up To Achieve

While Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)s are exempt from taxation, they aren’t exempt from some of the same challenges their “for profit” business brethren face.

As an NPO leader there is no greater reward than the heartfelt gratitude for leading a team to further a social cause and provide a noble public benefit. But to ensure that the gratitude gets multiplied across all stakeholders the NPO must be run with discipline.

Without it, there are several potential obstacles the leadership of NPOs will face and it is imperative the leaders anticipate, identify and plan on how they will overcome them. If addressed properly the NPO can successfully maintain that spirit of gratitude with across all channels of support in the community, with the Board, and with donors and staff.

The Three Killers Every Successful NPO Must Cure:

1. Lack of Clarity / Focused Mission

In the "for profit" world, business experts teach us that you need a “wide moat” surrounding your business. In the marketing world it’s also called a “unique selling proposition.”(USP).

Leaders of NPOs must have rock solid agreement with the Board and the staff on the true mission, the one the Board oversees. Without that what ends up happening is the waters get muddied, people are confused and donors leave.

2. Lack of A Strategic Plan

Even when the Mission of the NPO is firmly established in the hearts and minds of the stakeholders, there can still be an obstacle in not having a well-defined Strategic Plan.  That Plan lays out the roadmap for how the NPO will achieve its mission and goals.

Typically, businesses will have a short- and long-term strategic plan, and it should be continually reviewed by leadership and updated at least on an annual basis.

A NPO’s bottom line is about finding more resources to support the mission and continue making investments in community needs Just like for profit enterprises, NPOs need to be nimble in the marketplace to survive and thrive. A NPO, without money, the organization cannot execute and achiever its mission.

3. Missed Deadlines - Poor Execution

The Achilles heel of any business is not “sticking the landing” on key deliverables

Failure is built in, or out, when events and fund-raising activities are being planned. The flipside to establishing realistic timeframes and progress benchmarks is to fall victim to the an inherently optimistic bias that too much can be accomplished in too little time.

Your Responsibility

You have a responsibility to your community, as well as your donors, to be successful so must assess where they are have gaps that must be fixed.

With focus and planning you can avoid those common obstacles and ensure you meet your revenue goals, satisfy your donors and ensure full engagement of your staff and volunteers.

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