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Why Would I Be Interested?

Does the opportunity to be PAID to get clients sound appealing? Does being positioned by a major bank as an expert who can help fast-growing  and profitable companies fill gaps they just discovered excite you?  Does this feel like a perfect reason to set up a productive business generating opportunity discussion with the company leaders? Does this sound even better when you learn that the company leaders will be in the room, interacting with you?

Do you get more interested when you learn there are no up front training fees, you have a team to close the sale for you and the bank picks up all the costs? 

Like how that sounds? Read on.


Why Would a Bank Be Interested?

Banks are seeking high value clients as their margins on other products and services decline.  The most profitable are fast growing commercial clients who use many bank services and their owners who also have sophisticated financial needs.

This is the solution to attracting and keeping those high-value commercial accounts.  It’s value derives from the product’s ability to help commercial customers build their businesses better through data and analytics.

The First Step Is a Thorough Assessment of Each Key Business Area in a Company

A comprehensive business assessment assists in developing company growth and direction. The eNterprise EKG report card pinpoints an organization’s capabilities and constraints while evaluating organizational alignment and readiness.

In less than 45 minutes, our assessment allows leaders to identify critical issues and focus on their business priorities.

The Report Card displays the organization’s overall performance score and compares your organization to over 4,800 other companies in our national database.

Rapidly expanding regional banks focused on building a reputation as the “Bank for Growing Businesses” are prime targets and have quickly asked for meetings to lean more and participate.



VISIONShop goes beyond just the business operations and strategy and includes the people side of business

Using two additional assessment tools in addition to the eNterprise EKG, VISIONShop brings all this together in a group presentation for participants.  In this meeting, the group learns how to use their specific reports to evaluate their organization and use a new understanding of their employees strengths and motivations to enhance business growth opportunities.

VISIONShop provides commercial banking customers and prospects with:

  • Insights into the company’s Organizational Strategy, Design and Culture using a Company Report Card
  • A detailed profile of all their employees using DISC and Motivators assessment tools
  • On site results delivery in a half day seminar to representatives of all participating companies delivered by a strategic business consultant.
  • Individual, one on one follow-up company meetings with you, the Associate to go into more depth and explore how gaps may be filled.

The bank’s commercial customers benefit from information derived from three detailed assessments.

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a sample report)

Overview of The Sales Process

In the beginning, your primary role is “bird dogging” to identify and  contact the right person in a large local or regional bank that is aggressively going after commercial clients.  You will have access to a database of banks across the country with the detail bank information needed to identify prospects in your area.

Using pre-prepared and proven letters and emails, you make the initial contact and give them an understanding of the potential for commercial banking client acquisition and retention.

You do not have to be an expert to sell or deliver the eNterpriseEKG product. Your role and therefore your learning curve is short and costs you nothing.

When they are interested in a deeper dive, your role will be to set up a call/webinar/in person meeting with the eNtelligy sales and delivery experts who will close the sale for you.

The bank selects the companies, makes the contacts and invites them to participate, you are merely a facilitator in the process. (The bank itself also participates and becomes another prospect for you.)

You spend time with high value commercial clients who have been sponsored by the bank and paid to have their top commercial prospects or customers participate.


The eNterpriseEKG report delivers the most impact and deepest insights most companies ever had into their business processes and results since they started.

This is an expensive assessment and in-person presentation that regularly sells for thousands of dollars per company.

From The Bank’s Point of View

It is their opportunity to bring their top commercial prospects and/or clients (typically 15 to 20 firms at a time) a valuable business assessment that has real impact on their growth and effectiveness through the power of data and analytics at a level they have never seen before.

Bringing this level of value and insight to key customers positions the bank as a market leader and trusted business resource committed to helping its customers grow and prosper.

Overview of The Delivery Process

You Are The Coordinator

Once sold, your role becomes one of coordinating and logistics. You’ll be overseeing the completion of key steps by the bank, such as:

  • Providing the initial contact forms and information the bank will need to send to their prospective attendees
  • Monitoring the bank and the companies assessments and other activities are done in a timely manner
  • Making sure the arrangements for a venue for the presentation has been done by the bank, etc.

The Presentation

All the participants gather in a room and are taken through a presentation that covers general background information on DiSC and Motivators with insights into how to use them.  This is part of the program you can deliver once you’ve watched the eNtelligy people do it.

It will also go over the eNterpriseEKG report and explain the sections, how to read and interpret it plus answer questions.  Individual company results are not discussed in the room.

The group presentation is typically four hours and may include a lunch or breakfast depending on the bank.  We encourage giving people “Mix Time” to get to know each other and especially the bank’s representatives to be sure the bank sees huge value.

After all, we want them to bring in multiple groups of 20 prospects for this program so you have a massive lead flow of high quality and valuable prospects to help.


Your role  will be to follow up and meet with those who would like to understand how to use the information they now have to identify big payoff gaps and how best to proceed. In effect, you now know more about the company than you ever would have any other way, know where the gaps are and are positioned as an expert who they can turn to…  thanks to your being part of the process from initial contact through the group presentation.

Overview of Marketing Support

We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to launch this program.

Ready to Use Prospect Marketing Database

We will provide a database of target banks for the VisionShop Service for the area you plan to cover. It will include the key information and size of the institution so you have a ready to use marketing list.

Entelligy Consultant Support

An Entelligy consultant is available to help you with conversations with bank prospects so you don’t have to go it alone.

Sales Tools and Downloadable Templates
For Associates Selling VisionShop

Done for you sales letters, follow-up emails, sales training videos and other content is yours to use.

 Costs and Referral Fees

What does this cost the bank? What other costs are there? How do I, the associate make money on this? Are there any fees?  Here are the details.

Cost of the Program to the Bank

The bank pays for the program for the attendees and themselves. It is free to the participants.

There is a flat fee of $19,700 for the program and that covers up to 20 businesses, including the bank.  Each participant may bring 2 employees to the group presentation. However, they may have up to 5 people take the DiSC and the Motivators assessments and up to 15 leaders take the eNterpriseEKG.  The bank may have up to 5 attend the group meeting and use the assessments with up to 7 employees.

You get paid $1,500.00 for each session the bank hosts. That’s the worst you can do, make $1,500.00.

Sales Arising From Client Relationships

You may sell whatever products or services you wish to those participants who meet with you at whatever price you set.  In exchange for helping you establish that relationship there will be a small fee as compensation to Entelligy.

Client Referral Fee – By using VisionShop, you are agreeing that for the first two years there is a referral fee of 25% of your total charges to the client, excluding any product or service fees you pay on 24×7 assessments.

There are no  referral fees thereafter.  The client, relationship and money is yours.


The following flows depict the activities and flow for the VisionShop and eNterpriseEKG products.  Each has its own flow and focus.



Capturing the insights of the management team and associates.
Measuring Organizational Strategy, Design & Culture.


The detailed findings are reviewed with the senior management team (recommended by the leader) prior to involving associates.

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