Get Professional Help For Faster and More Certain Results - Use a Business Consultant/Coach/Advisor

What is a business coach, what do they do, and how do they do it?

Business Consultant/CoachBusiness coaching is a hot topic right now.1 If you own a business, you’re probably wondering whether having a coach is right for your company. It’s a reasonable question.

Maybe you’ve considered it but are unsure of whether or not it’s worth the investment and you’re curious about what they actually do. After all, their job is to help you run your business better, but how do they do that?

The short answer is that they help you solve problems in your business, and clear away obstacles that are keeping you from realizing your vision for what your business could be!

1Entrepreneur Magazine

Solving Problems TogetherProblems are to be solved; not fought. Business owners can find themselves wrestling with multiple problems and roadblocks that are easily solvable. We know how it is—you’re busy with the day-to-day operations of your business, and it’s hard to see the big picture or see the details differently!

Sometimes all it takes is to bring in an outsider for a fresh perspective to help you see where your business can improve and be more effective, or where it just needs a few tweaks.

A good business coach is an advisor who helps you successfully manage and grow your business. They can help you find the right direction or offer support in leadership, management, and planning, focus on creating solutions for challenges, as well as creating new goals and find ways to automate parts of your business so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

They will help you get to the root of problems and roadblocks that you’ve been trying to solve, ignore or push off for years that are holding back progress and solve them so you can focus on moving your business forward.

In general, business coaches are there to help you take your business to the next level—wherever that may be. They’re there to encourage you, push you beyond your comfort zone, and get rid of any self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from your true potential. Most have extensive experience to share from their own careers and training to help give perspective, sage advice, and a fresh perspective to decisions.

Keep in mind that every coach is different, but most offer a similar range of services in addition to their core coaching services. They tend to offer a mix of consulting, advice, training, and mentorship - essentially all the things you need for success as an entrepreneur! This mix means that each individual client gets exactly what they need from their coach.

That is why The Business Clinic’s team includes many coaches and even specialists, so you get the exact type of coach/trainer/consultant/advisor that fits you and your situation best.

There are two general ways coaches work with clients, individual sessions or individual/group training. Which is used will depend on your specific situation.

Coaching one-on-oneOne-on-one coaching sessions where to work on overcoming both internal and external obstacles that impede progress toward achieving specific objectives. The coach helps your identify limiting beliefs or behaviors that keep you from succeeding and then works with you to create new strategies or approaches that allow you and your team to meet your goals.

Coaching GroupsTraining programs are used for as few as one person or groups of employees. Some typical examples are training programs for managers, customer service personnel, inside or outside salespeople.

Most programs can be done via Zoom or in-person.

business scorecardFirst things first—they start with identifying the problem areas in your business. This is something you may have already done yourself as an owner who knows their company like the back of their hand.

But a good business coach will also identify other problem areas that may not be so obvious to you as the person running the day-to-day operations


target iconHelp you identify your goals and make sure that you stay on track

zoom iconIdentify the areas in which your business could improve and give you steps to improve them. Following is just a sample of what can be covered:

sao check icon Where you are spending your time and money now

sao check icon Your marketing strategy and sales team effectiveness

sao check icon Your company’s vision, mission, values, and commitment to them

sao check icon Toxic customers or unhealthy dependence on just a few

sao check icon Hiring the right people and leading and managing for top performance

question iconChallenge your thinking and encourage positive growth

champagne iconCelebrate your successes and help you reflect on what went right

user friends iconBe there when things don’t go according to plan and encourage you to keep going

What owners don’t realize is that the real value of having a business coach isn’t in getting the answers—it’s in learning how to find them yourself.

Business coaches aren’t here because we want to tell you what to do with your life and your business—we want to teach you how to be your own CEO so that you can stop asking questions and start making decisions with confidence and purpose.

Our ApproachOur approach uses a four-step model that has been perfected over thousands of clients that is custom-tailored to your specific situation and needs.

  1. Clarity of Vision, Mission, Values, and your goals both personal and business related
  2. Determine The Starting Point and Identify Gaps Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be
  3. Remove the Gaps Using an Array of Coaching and Training Programs, Consulting, and Advisory Services Covering:
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Leadership – Executive Coaching
    • Management – Training programs to improve management effectiveness and employee productivity
    • Employee Engagement and Loyalty
    • Marketing – Customer Composition, Differentiation, Messaging Effectiveness and Lead Generation
    • Sales Effectiveness – Identify, motivate, and train a high-performance team
    • Measurement and Tracking for Quick Course Corrections
  1. Stop and Reassess, Celebrate, Re-plan, and Move Forward

75 percent of business executives point to mentorship or coaching as having played a significant role in their success.1

If you are a single owner this is especially true. Working with a professional coach/advisor immediately doubles your team’s size, giving you access to a sounding board, brainstorming partner, and confidant.

Potential benefits of coaching include:

  • thinking more strategic about your business,
  • identifying new opportunities,
  • access a coach’s network and contacts,
  • avoiding common pitfalls, and
  • increased knowledge around marketing, management and finances.

1 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Do Something - By Yourself or Using Professional Help - But Act!

Businesses fail when their very success traps them in an invisible box beyond which they don’t venture.

Your comfort zone is a prison cell. You think it’s your safety net, but the truth is, it’s a cage that’s keeping you from growing. Your competition is stuck in their own comfort zone, right? Imagine what could be if you could leap outside of your comfort zone and get the results we know you’re capable of?

Just imagine what that would mean for your business.  We don’t have to imagine it. We already know and we can help make it happen.

Although the box is invisible, it is a roadblock, it’s real and virtually guarantees failure.

As the CEO/owner, you might feel some degree of unease, but hey, the bucks are still rolling in… Until one day, they don’t. Or, maybe you are just scraping by  until you lose a major customer or a key employee quits, a competitor opens nearby… the list of calamities are long which makes doing what you’ve always done and hoping for a better result isn’t smart.

Businesses fall by the wayside all of the time, don’t let yours become one of them.