Having a Team of Pros Means You Get The Person You Need

In addition to our specialized training and toolset, we add a wealth of experience and broad understanding of the real-world environment that only comes from working in, managing, turning around, and building businesses from nothing to success.

Our team brings decades of senior executive experience in numerous industries serving in various roles from sales and marketing to operations and HR, working within small family-owned businesses and publicly traded companies.  Business is in our blood, our expertise spans nearly every job function - from sales to operations, customer service to supplier strategy, from accounting to IT, The Business Clinic team has the practical knowledge and experience you need.

This approach dramatically ‘moves the needle’ into positive territory and does so quickly. Your ROI on our solutions is maximized because we bake in new ways of looking at things and understanding the people dynamics of business.

Meet some of our 150+ person worldwide team.

Chris Dekle

Business Consultant, Advisor and Coach.

 BBA and MBA from Emory University.

At heart I’m an entrepreneur. I have over 35 years’ experience creating new businesses, creating high value new products and fixing and running divisions of companies and have been responsible for adding tens of millions in new revenue.

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A little about my background… I’m not new to the art of building new businesses and developing and promoting products and have done it in start-ups through major companies.  I’m a synthesizer, using my professional management, marketing and technical background to change approaches, innovate and bring new products and services out an add huge value for clients.

Along the way, I’ve built a high-tech database business into a $25 million company by attracting great people and without outside investment.

I’ve been very successful re-engineering and running broken departments in IT (I have a long background in this area and understand technology) and operations in both large and small companies.

I’ve been the head of marketing for not just my businesses but also for start up divisions for a major information services company. I’ve helped clients save their businesses and sell them and helped good companies get even better.  And, I’ve had the good fortune to work with multicultural situations and companies from one person to the Fortune 500.

My fundamental belief is that 99.8% of all people desperately want to do a good job and have pride in what they do. When they are not engaged and giving it their all, something is wrong that can be changed to make a massive difference in results for the owner, the employee, the business and the customers. That’s what I love.

Being able to relate to companies and owners and the challenges they face is important. I’ve lived them myself. Your situation is not a mystery, the fears, pressures and pride are not something someone who hasn’t done it too can really grasp.


As a Brian Tracy FocalPoint Certified Business Coach with 15 years experience in turnarounds, start-ups and going concerns and a devourer of books on business, I bring new perspectives and ideas.

I am the Area Developer for FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training and the developer, producer and editor of the international newsletter used by all members worldwide.  See it here.

In Business

I am known for the ability to see through complex issues and quickly spot the real reasons why things are not working well.

I’ve helped clients save their businesses and sell them as well as helped good companies get even better.     I’ve had the good fortune to work with multicultural situations and in companies from one person to the Fortune 500.

In The Community

Giving back is important to me.  I am on the Executive Committee of Warrior2Citizen (warrior2citizen.org), a non-profit that helps America’s Heroes – Military, Fire, Police, EMT and 911 Operators and their families – deal with the major strains on their families through validated professional programs held at no cost for these families.  Seeing a need for a niche group of outdoor photographers, I founded and am a board member of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association (gnpa.org), a 700+ member and growing non-profit photography club in Georgia.

John Geshay

My passion is helping owners and executives achieve game changing results. I have a proven track record of success in B2B sales,branding,marketing,recruiting and building teams, having delivered outstanding results throughout my corporate career.

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I consider one of my greatest assets my ability to dissect the critical success factors and strategic levers that impact your business.  As your advisor I will serve to enhance your decision making process no matter what phase of business you are in.

I draw upon my breadth of business acumen to guide your journey in building a road map to higher levels of achievement. Several areas of expertise include:

  • Professional Growth     Marketing Strategy
  • Team Engagement     Strategic Leadership
  • Sales Management     Organizational Cohesion


I am a certified Business Coach through Brian Tracy’s FocalPoint organization. I also am a certified class facilitator through Leadscape Learning, Int’l, and was certified as a corporate trainer by the Huthwaite SPIN training group. I am also proficient in delivering a complete suite of behavioral assessments, such as DISC, 360, SSI, and  PDP assessments.

In The Corporate World

I have over twenty combined years’ experience with Mobil Oil, Armor Holdings, Int’l and BAE Systems. I served these companies in various sales and marketing roles achieving and exceeding their corporate goals by providing leadership in the highly competitive commercial B2B markets.

I was known for my tenacity in securing new business, innovating products and services, and distribution channel business growth planning. He has served in many ancillary sales and leadership training assignments. Building loyalty and forging strong relationships with business partners both internal and external is my forte.

In The Community

I am a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and received my wings as a Naval Flight Officer.

While in the Navy I was awarded the William G. Whitehurst Leadership Award. I obtained my MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University.  Locally I’ve served as District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts and served on the board of Lifework Leadership First Coast and the local USNAAA chapter.

Pam Hargis

Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Professional Speaker

Hi. I’m Pam Hargis, a Certified Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.  My practice focuses on multi-year strategic planning, exit planning, new business start-ups, leadership and goal setting, performance coaching, team engagement and retention, and business growth.

I have 30+ years’ corporate sales leadership, strategic planning, and process development experience as a Bank of America executive. I use visionary skills to develop production efficiencies and strategies that maximize profitability and productivity.

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These proven skills focus on valuable use of time, developing efficient and cost-effective operations, and increasing profitability through personalized action plans. My client base includes flooring companies, marketing and promotional product companies, pharmacists, government and city municipalities, non-profit organizations, high-school students, public and private schools and more.

I provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and customized training positively impacting life/work balance, simplifying operations, and quickly achieving goals and objectives.

Heavily involved in the community, I am a proud leader for Florida4Warriors and IDignity Volusia. I enjoy serving on several Business Advisory Boards and Chambers and lead an Economic Development Council.

Both my high school sweetheart, Jim, a retired Sergeant Major, and I are Florida natives.  We’ve been married 40 years and have two grown children. I work hard at modeling work/life balance; I enjoy relaxing on the boat or motorcycle, working in the yard, and reading suspense novels.

Jeff Bartholomew

Atlanta’s Number One Business Coach

Jeff’s greatest passion is helping people achieve at their fullest potential and in assisting people get to where they want to be both professionally, and personally.

Jeff has more than thirty years of experience in sales, sales leadership, global sales, and coaching + development. He worked for 30-years for Fortune 500 company Steelcase, traveled to four continents, and worked in more than twenty countries.

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Prior to that, Jeff worked as a Director of Coaching + Development and conducted more than 400 individual one-on-one coaching sessions. In that role, he also trained more than 1,000 people on Sales Techniques, Advanced Coaching for Leaders, Conducting Global Business, and Relating to Different Cultures.

In early-2014, he started his own consulting practice working with clients on brand building, brand expansion, and all aspects of product launch.

Since 2013, Jeff has served on the board of J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College and as Chair of the Marketing Advisory Board.

Dulcee Loehn

Passion. Purpose. Partnership.

Following more than two decades of executive management experience, I have established my certified business coaching practice around these three core values.  In each interaction, my clients benefit from:

► Passionate mentoring and guidance based upon their unique needs

► Purpose-driven strategies designed to achieve the highest levels of success

► Partnership with an expert who is dedicated to the realization of their goals and aspirations

Since my earliest professional experiences, my career has been driven by the desire to help others succeed.  Now, as a business coach, published author, and professional speaker, I have built my life around leading clients toward new levels of success, prosperity, and fulfillment.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share the desire to achieve the next level of personal and professional development.

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NEXT STEP:  If you are a driven, enthusiastic business owner who is ready to move to the next level, or someone who looking for a speaker for your next event, please email me at to schedule an appointment.

I am proud to partner with business owners all over Tampa Bay and beyond.  As a professional speaker and trainer, I  present to businesses, associations, and coaches across the country on a wide range of topics.

Known as “a coach’s coach,” I was one of the first coaches asked by FocalPoint International to mentor incoming coaches.  I am also the Director of Ongoing Coach Support for FocalPoint Coaching International.

Specialties: Business & Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching, Public Speaking, Business Management & Operations, Process Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Business Strategy, Corporate Training.

Ellis Mass

As a business coach, corporate trainer, and Adjunct Professor at a local college, I am now focused on helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses into “power brands.” I partner with smart business owners and leaders who are working hard to drive outstanding business results.

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I have been building powerful and beloved brands for over 20 years, across industries ranging from consumer products to technology, from luxury goods to retail. 

I have worked for companies large and small, building powerful brands like Listerine, Benadryl, American Express, LG Electronics, and Office Depot, to name a few. I have been responsible for managing large marketing teams and generating profitable returns from nine-figure marketing budgets. 

I was named a “Brand Marketer of the Year” by BRANDWEEK Magazine. You could say that I’m best known for turning genuine customer insights into powerful marketing programs that drive profitable growth. 

Phil Gilkes

Phil Gilkes, Certified Professional Business Coach • Brian Tracy International Certified Facilitator & Trainer • Licensed   Navigational Coach • Executive Coach • FocalPoint Coach Mentor

My diverse entrepreneurial background extended over 35 years has provided me many years of experience within manufacturing, printing & graphics, real estate and the facilitation of personal development training to sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make small or major changes in their lives.

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Phil has been an advocate helping others that are Passionate, Positive, Performers, such as athletes, business owners and entrepreneurs, to obtain or exceed their dreams.

As a student of the mind in his early years it proved to be what makes his heart sing. A self directed path of study helped Phil understand that knowing the What & Why’s of your life is a critical part of a successful life journey.

Phil has applied the many ideas and principles that he was taught by many mentors such as Leland Val Van Der Wall, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie and Lou Tice’s Investment In Excellence to mention a few.

The insights that these mentors provided turned on his creative juices allowing him to replicate success similar to his mentors. Phil’s current What & Why’s are to coach and mentor others to create their own successes.

His passion for continuous and never-ending improvement benefits those that choose to work with him.

FocalPoint Certified Business Performance Coach, Facilitator / Trainer and Franchise Owner since July 2008

Phil chose FocalPoint International Business Coaching to continue assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to live their dreams and work more “ON” their business and less “IN” it.

Phil is a certified FocalPoint Business Coach. It’s through coaches such as Phil, FocalPoint provides business performance coaching for small to medium sized businesses, executives and professionals by way of one-on-one weekly coaching sessions that are guaranteed.

Content for FocalPoint’s coaching program has been developed by Brian Tracy, who is a recognized world leader in taking their businesses to the next level. The combining Phil’s business expertise with the proven FocalPoint Coaching methodologies provides an outstanding value to his clients.

Earlier in his career he attend the Phoenix Seminar that was created and facilitated by Brian Tracy and now Phil facilitates Brian Tracy International’s programs coaching business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to meet and exceed their personal best in less time with less stress.

Not only has Phil shared the same stage as Brian Tracy, he is an award winning FocalPoint Business Performance Coach, a Practice Mentor for other franchisee’s and relied upon member for national account sales training, facilitating  and coaching.

Dr. Nick Fenger

PhD Psychologist and business consultant specializing in family owned businesses and their problems.

Counselor and Consultant to small to large organizations (solo entrepreneurs, family businesses to Fortune 50) where I am trusted to make an impact upon how the organization seeks to accomplish its goals by describing dysfunctional situations, then creating consensus for remedial action.

PERSONAL QUALITIES: results–oriented, long-term quality determined professional, with 40+ years of counseling, training and conflict resolution for family-owned businesses and corporations. Emphasizes participation, questioning, listening, learning and coaching approaches.

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Demonstrated success in the areas of analyzing, defining, planning, organizing, negotiating, leading, evaluating, individuals/teams/projects to achieve and surpass organizational goals.  Author of over 100 business white papers. 

Sample areas of attention:

  • Labor Relations Employee Recognition           Team Development
  • Crisis/Conflict Management Coaching/Mentoring              Quality Control
  • Performance Improvement Employee Development and Training     Sales/Customer Relations

Performance Improvement: Created 4-hour training program for worker-management coaching collaboration.  Results: Implemented six recommendations for improvements in distribution center generating $80K savings in first year.

Employee Recognition/Coaching: Created parallel management and worker recognition system based on achievement of work change objectives through coaching Results: Reduced manager turnover 12% and employee turnover 17% within three years.

Coaching: Designed and implemented training program to replace directive management style with 30 managers in wood products business.  Result: Incorporated three work changes reducing hourly labor cost 14% and turnover of management and labor 4% for net gain of 100% on investment after six months.

Training: Trained managers in employee coaching techniques in response to employee complaints regarding outsourcing and suspicion of corresponding employee sabotage.  Results: Eliminated all sabotage in six months, lowered production costs 4%, improved supply time 13%, reduced layoff and retraining costs 13%, and suspended outsourcing within one year.

Team Development: Designed and initiated team approach to operations management at meat packing facility.  Results: increased production rate 15% at a savings of 6% in operating expenses in six months.

Quality Control: Designed and introduced innovative five-step quality control process, training workers to perform quality control assessments at each step of production.  Results: Reduced product rejections 8% reducing production cost 6% within 10 months.

Sales: Instituted change from dependence on advertising-based business-to-business parts sales to consultative sales approach, and trained sales force.  Results: New strategy generated 60% reduction in advertising expense and 24% increase in sales in 15 months

Customer Relations: Canvassed management and customers for suggested improvements in technical sales support.  Trained consulting teams to analyze potential customer production process issues then train customers how to perform analyses themselves and how to select potential training personnel.    Redirected sales support from after-sales to pre-sales.  Result 16 % increase in sales in one year.

Other representative achievements:

Trained front line labor to make suggestion for production changes.   Results: Implemented four suggestions in three months saved 5% above change cost.

Eliminated the performance review as requirement for yearly salary increase and instituted change suggestion system for employees in first quarter of fiscal year.  Results: Achieved 48% employee participation implementing nine suggestions generating a 5% raise for all employees and an additional 5% for employees submitting useful suggestions.

Coordinated training program by product engineers for front line production employees to improve production.  Results: Garnered three innovations in three months reducing production costs 4% improving sales 6% at a training cost of 1½% of salaries.

Requested suggestions for work improvement in hospitality.  Results: Received 17 suggestions from 43 staff implementing seven recommendations approved by management, reducing customer complaints 11% and increasing unsolicited compliments 6% in seven months.

Incorporated role plays of on-the-job situations in all employee/manager training programs.  Results:  Course evaluations by participants improved ratings by 20% and follow-up use of training in job situations improved by 32%.

Assisted family owned business to open three additional work sites by reconciling differences between meeting decision process to include blind suggestion and voting process.  Results:  opened desired number of outlets after a year of indecision and lost sales when disgruntled family returned to business.

Chuck Coker, PhD, SPHR

Chuck Coker, PhD, SPHR is currently regarded as an expert in the field of Organizational Development through the use of human data and President of LifeThrive.

Chuck Coker, PhD, SPHR, has focused his life’s work on maximizing the human potential. He is the author of 8 published books, 62 copy-written training materials, 100 + training articles and multiple white papers focused on making human data pay off for businesses.

While data analysis is often applied to business planning and finances, it is rarely applied to the management of human capital which has been the core of Dr. Coker’s work.

Utilizing 40 years of data and research, Dr. Coker’s clients include Fortune 50-5000 within Construction, Healthcare, Insurance, Non-profit, Technology, Communications, Metals, Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities, Food Services, Entertainment and Educational communities.