Our Approach

No Two Companies Are Alike

The opportunities and roadblocks each business faces are different. That is why we start with you and develop a custom-tailored program that addresses your needs and goals.

We frequently conduct in-depth interviews with the key stakeholders and leaders and may use assessments to dig below the surface.

Our objective is to gain a more nuanced understanding of issues and different perspectives we will be dealing with before creating a custom approach to remove roadblocks and fill in any “potholes.”

A starting point we often find important for all businesses and non-profits includes examining the business and its practices to make sure they are in line with the core principles and values of the business. If they do not line up, we customize a plan of action to realign the practices or, if needed, modify the core principles to fit the current business model.

For family businesses, we work with the family together and as individuals to understand the family dynamics, expectations, history and personal dynamics as these are complex and impact business outcomes. Once understood, we then create a custom approach to restore harmony and shared values where all can pull together and support each other.

Roadblocks Are Faced By All Businesses At Some Point

We Work Alongside You to Quickly Remove Barriers to Progress

The Business Clinic are professionals dedicated toward removing any area of your business that slows your progress toward your vision.  Removing the roadblocks speeds you toward your dream of how your business should work.

Whether a lack of clarity, planning issues, sub-optimal processes, team and people problems,  sales performance, leadership gaps, lagging profitability, employee capability, family issues, or other issues, we address them head on and remove any roadblocks.

Our Tools

We use a variety of devices to help dig below the surface and identify what is needed to help business owners resolve problems and more reliably and quickly achieve their goals for their company.  These devices and their application are always focused on helping you reach your goals by working on the underlying and often unseen causes of issues:

  • VisionShop is our comprehensive management consulting and strategic planning process designed for companies just like yours. It is derived from a proven organizational dynamic model which gives you the deepest, most insightful and revealing insights since you started your business.
  • Behavioral assessments to identify key gaps in the areas of: Talent Management, Training, Leadership Development, Safety, Employee Interaction, Productivity, Engagement, and Morale.
  • Business and organization strategic performance assessments that quickly identify the best opportunities for strategic business improvement, and
  • Skills development and learning programs that address specific areas such as leadership, time management, sales skills and productivity.

We understand the many ways the workplace culture and environment can help or hold back progress or employee productivity.  Working with leaders and employees we help create an environment that best motivates employees, improve conditions and therefore make the business run smoothly and successfully.

Proven Processes and Programs

We apply a combination of our individual experience as top executives and as business owners who have faced these same challenges.

Step 1. Gain Clarity to Identify the Problem, Constraints and Possible Directions for a Solution

Our insights are  a combination of interviews , psychometric assessments, business health and resilience measurements and other methods which are combined to pinpoint the underlying causes of business problems and where we must focus.

Step 2. Create a Custom Plan of Action

After we analyze and diagnose the causes and review them with you, we create a custom plan of action to bring your team and company into alignment with best practices that resolve the underlying issues that hold you back.

Step 3.  Working Alongside You and Your Team,  Resolve the Underlying Issues and Facilitate Implementing Solutions

Our certified team members then work closely with the business owners and executives in order to enhance work performance using time tested and proven programs and processes used with thousands of businesses.

The Payoff

The payoff is improved practices in hiring, employee feedback, training, business operations, marketing, sales and management that remain and does not fade.